For Parents


Our Parenting Collection has new books, videos, brochures, and pamphlets on raising children and helping your kids to love reading!

Adults working with children or interested in children's literature will find materials addressing the needs of children in the Parenting Collection in the Children's Room. This collection includes resources for selecting age-appropriate literature and curriculum guides for teachers and caregivers.

The collection includes works written at a child's level as well as resources for adults interested in learning more about specific topics.

The Library also carries the Parents magazine and Practical Homeschooling. These magazines are located with the parent book collection.



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Common Sense Media

 The leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families.


***The Goldfinch award poster has the incorrect year on it but the books are the correct award winners for 2021-2022. Also please note that after clicking on the box titled "Goldfinch Award Books" it takes a few seconds for the poster to load.