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Kalona Public Library is organizing virtual film screenings that explore human genetics and advances in precision medicine. This program is brought to you in partnership with the U. S. National Library of Medicine. 


What is the U. S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)?  

  • NLM is an institute within the National Institutes of Health and is the world's largest medical library. It supports training in biomedical informatics and health information technology as well as research and development. 
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All of Us - Human Genetics Film Program

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We are on the verge of being able to have all of the information in our DNA read and analyzed. With this comes many promises as well as pitfalls. "Cracking Your Genetic Code" is a documentary about the future of personalized, gene-based medicine and is part of the NNLM Human Genetics Film Kit.


Included in the NNLM Human Genetics Film Kit, "The Gene Doctors" takes viewers to the front lines of a medical revolution. With early successes and new treatments appearing on the horizon, families battling genetic diseases have never had such good reasons for hope.

Fashion photographer, Rick Guidotti, highlights individuals with different genetic conditions. "On Beauty" focuses on two of Guidotti's subjects and how their conditions affect their lives. You find this film included in the NNLM Human Genetics Film Kit.


The BRCA gene mutation can put women and men at risk for developing cancer. "Pink & Blue" highlights that men are just as likely as women to be carrying the BRCA gene. Learn more about this lack of information by watching the documentary with the NNLM Human Genetics Film Kit.