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Facilities, Equipment & Conduct Policies


The library meets ADA requirements for handicapped accessibility. However, special delivery of books will be made to those individuals who cannot, for physical reasons, get to the library and wish to have books or any other library items delivered to them. Individuals must call the library and special arrangements will be made for delivery.

Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Kalona Public Library on May 1, 1990.
Revised and approved: 4/27/01, 10/11/05, 5/9/06, 05/08/07, 6/12/07, 5/10/11

3.01 Fax Policy

[a]  Public and Staff
1.    Fax requests will be accepted from the public.  The library neither serves in place of, nor wishes to compete with, any local fax business.
2.      City of Kalona staff may use the fax for city business matters at no charge.

[b]  Charges for Public Use
1.    The customer will be charged for each page being sent or received.
2.     If a staff member requests information that is non-library or non work related, the staff member will
be charged, as a customer, for each page being sent or received.

[c]  Fee Schedule

1.  SENDING:  Continental United States : First page = $2.75; each additional page = $1.00
International, Alaska, Hawaii : First page = $5.00; each additional page = $1.00

2.  RECEIVING pages : each page = $1.00

Approved : 1993; 9/1996, 10/2005; 5/2011

3.02 Equipment Use Approved 10/2005; revised and approved 6/2007, 5/2012

[1] Copy Machine Posted at the copy machine is the following notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.
[a] Any person wishing to use the copy machine must check at the circulation desk first
[b] There is a limit of 10 copies
[c] Charges for copies are:
·    $.15 per copy (8 ½ x 11”)/ $.25 front & back
·    $.20 legal size (8 ½ x 14”)/ $.35 front & back
·    $.50 larger size copy (11 x 17”)/ $.75 front & back
[d] Pay for copies at the desk

[2] Microfilm Reader/Printer
A Minolta MS-6000 microfilm reader/printer is available for the public.  The Kalona News, starting from Nov. 19, 1891, is the only microfilm available for use with the reader/printer.
[a] Patrons wishing to look at microfilm need to check at the circulation desk first.
[b] A librarian will help get the film loaded and explain how the machine works. Copies can be made for $.25 a page.

3.03  Program Room and Study Room

[1] The purpose of the Velma Skola Program Room and the study room is to provide space for library and community programs and events, to fulfill the library’s role as a community center where the public can attend informational, educational and cultural events and to champion the principle of intellectual freedom by providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas.

[2]. The Velma Skola Program Room seats 80 (non-table) and the study room seats 6.  When the rooms are not in use for library or library co-sponsored activities the rooms are available to the city of Kalona, non-profit organizations (defined as those entities granted tax-exempt status by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), non-profit citizen’s groups (contact information required), for-profit groups, businesses or fee based programs (up to the discretion of the director), and educational groups or programs.

[3] Use of the program or study room in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed in the programs or of the aims and goals of the organizations using the facilities. In case a question is raised as to the objectives and activities of any organization, group, or individual requesting use of the room, the Library Board shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the rooms.  Organizations may not advertise the use of the library facility in any way that implies sponsorship by the library other than to indicate the name and address of the facility.

[4] Patrons wishing to use the program room or study room must contact the library to schedule a meeting or program no more than six (6) months in advance. An application (form 7.09) including the name and address of a contact person will be required. It is the responsibility of each organization to notify the library if the contact person changes.  Responsible group supervision is to be provided during room use. Anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult co-sign the application; adult supervision must be provided during program room use.

[5] All organizations must take reasonable precautions to avoid damage of equipment, furnishings, floor cover and other library property.  The library reserves the right to require a damage deposit from users. Any broken or damaged materials and/or furnishings must be replaced by the organization contracted to use the room or a replacement fee will be assessed to those using the room.

[6] Long term storage of equipment or materials is not allowed.  No materials of any type may be attached to walls or doors without permission.

[7] Any group using the kitchen area will make sure the kitchen is clean when the program is done.

[8] Programs held in the rooms must not disrupt the general service of the library.  Noise and conduct is expected to be kept to a level that will not disrupt general patrons in the library. The library reserves the right to cancel the use of rooms at any time.

[9] Rooms are available Monday through Saturday during scheduled open hours, when not in library use. Contact the library to reserve a room. There is no fee for the use of the study room. Fees for use of the Skola Room are:
·    City of Kalona: no charge
·    Educational groups or educational programs for the public: no charge if room left in original condition. Will be charged for labor and materials if room is damaged or extraordinary room clean up is required.
·    Non-profit groups or organizations/ non fee based programs/political committees: $5.00 per hour or partial hour
·    For profit groups/fee based programs: $25 per hour or partial hour
·    Audio/visual equipment: $5 per program
·    Kitchen use: $25 per program; $50.00 damage deposit (will be returned upon a satisfactory inspection)

[10] If by prior arrangement, at least one week in advance and dependent upon availability of staff, a meeting or program is scheduled to begin before the library opens (9:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday) or extend after the evening closing time (8:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday) an additional charge of $25 per hour will be made. Arrangements will need to be made concerning the security of the library and available staff person. The program room is not available Friday after 5:00 p.m., Saturday after 3:00 p.m. or Sunday. 

[11] The program room is designed for flexible set up. Users anticipating certain room set up needs may change the room themselves and return it to the prior set up.

[12] Reservation of equipment must be made at least one (1) week prior to room use. Reservation of the kitchen used in conjunction with the program room will need to be made at least one (1) week prior to room use.

[13] The library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the program or study room if the scheduled room is needed for library purposes. Every attempt will be made to find an acceptable alternate time.

[14] The library is a smoke free facility.

Approved by the Kalona Public Library Board of Trustees 1/11/2005
Revised and approved: 10/11/05, 5/9/06, 6/12/07; 7/8/08; 5/10/2011


As a public service, the library provides limited space for the exhibit of art, the distribution of leaflets and other printed material not generated by the library itself, the posting of announcements of meetings and cultural events that are open to the public and the display of materials or collections. The existence of a particular viewpoint in any of these spaces is an expression of the library's policy of intellectual freedom, not an endorsement of the particular point of view.

Materials which constitute advertising for a business will not be accepted for any of the spaces.

[1] Bulletin Boards

[a]  Community Bulletin Boards: The lobby of the library contains a bulletin board for display of information by nonprofit organizations for civic, educational, charitable, or cultural activities or events. Community meeting announcements and community cultural events may also be displayed. No commercial or business notices, garage or other sale signs will be posted.

In order to avoid the appearance of an endorsement of a candidate for public office, the library will not post posters or other materials that advocate voting for, or support of, particular candidates. However, notices of political events, meetings, or activities may be posted, subject to space limitations.

A section shall be available for non-profit and/or public services that are of interest to the general public and provide information about sources of help for the community; such as non-profit referral organizations, educational opportunities, and government assistance notices.

Persons wanting a sign posted should leave it at the circulation desk for the library staff to post.  Materials are posted as space permits, no larger than 11”x17”. All signs will be stamped, dated and initialed.  Because of space limitations, the library cannot guarantee that all eligible posters will be displayed.
The library shall remove all outdated signs (or after 3 months), any sign found to be posted in violation of the procedure outlined herein, and any sign or poster not in compliance with the above.

[2] Displays and Exhibits

[a] As an educational and cultural institution, the Kalona Public Library welcomes displays and exhibits of interest, information, and enlightenment to the community. Displays of handiwork, historical material, nature study, artwork, or any other material deemed of general interest may be exhibited. The director shall accept or reject material offered for display based on library selection policies. All displays and exhibits are to be approved prior to set-up.
·    Displays and exhibits are to be presented in an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting space.
·    Religious and political exhibits and displays are permissible for informational purposes; displays that proselytize for a single point of view will not be permitted.
·    Displays and exhibits may not involve the sale, advertisement, solicitation or promotion of commercial products. This provision does not exclude sponsored exhibits, approved art exhibits, exhibits primarily informational in content, or exhibits containing advertising involving a variety of beneficiaries.

[b] The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection, and no liability for possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the library are there at the owner's risk. The owner must sign a release (form 7.04 : Display and Exhibit Release) before any item can be placed in the library.

[3] Display Case: The library has one built-in display case near the front entrance that may be used for exhibiting library or patron's collections. This may be reserved for a maximum of one-month when not needed by the library. Requests for use of the case should be made to the library director, requests will be considered on a first-come basis. The requesting organization is responsible for the timely set-up and takedown of any display.

[4] Exhibits:

[a] Artwork: Artists interested in displaying their artwork should contact the library director. Exhibits will be chosen on a first-come basis. There is limited wall space available for displays, but artists may display their artwork for a period of one month. The artist will be responsible for setting up his or her own artwork, arranging, and dismantling the exhibit. The exhibit owner supplies materials necessary to hang an exhibit. The library will not charge for the right to display artwork. Any art work may be sold during the exhibit but 25% of the proceeds will go to the Library Foundation. The presentation of any artwork does not imply an endorsement of the exhibit by the Kalona Public Library, its Trustees, or its staff.

Approved 1/11/2005
Revised and approved: 10/11/05; 6/12/07; 7/8/08

3.05 Conduct in the Library (approved 12/10/2007; amended 6/8/10, 6/8/13, 1/14/14)

The purpose of the Conduct Policy is to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all library patrons. It also ensures access to library facilities, the safety of users and staff, and the protection of the library collection, equipment and facility.

Patrons have the responsibility to use the library in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of other individuals to use library materials, resources and services; does not limit the ability of library staff to conduct library business; and does not threaten the secure and comfortable environment of the library or those using the library.

Prohibited conduct includes any illegal activity and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

[1] Access: Impeding access to library resources, premises, or an area of the premises, or blocking access to library materials for extended periods of time
[a] Leaving animals, bicycles or personal items in library entrances or walkways
[b] Entering the non-public or locked areas, unless accompanied by a staff member or through prior authorization from a staff member

[2] Animals: Bringing animals into the library, except those trained to assist individuals with disabilities, or authorized by the Director or designee

[3] Audio: Using personal electronic devices, either with or without earphones, at a level that disrupts library operations.
[a]Patrons should set cell phones to silent or vibrate. Cell phone conversations should be conducted either in the front entry or in the study room. Patrons will be reminded of the policy and asked to move to the front entry or the study room if phone conversations are not quiet or brief.

[4] Behavior:
[a] Behaving in a loud, boisterous or disruptive manner that is not solely caused by a disability
[b] Any behavior that endangers or could endanger the safety or health of patrons
[c] Willfully annoying, harassing, or threatening another person
(Harassment is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce psychological or physical discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule. Harassment is characterized by requests for sexual contact, unwelcome physical advances, or conduct (verbal or physical) of a nature that is intimidating, demeaning, hostile, offensive, or potentially dangerous to self or others.)

[5] Unattended Children: The safety of children on library premises is a serious concern of the library staff. However, the responsibility for the safety and behavior of children on library premises rests with the parent, guardian or responsible childcare provider and not with library staff. The following guidelines apply to the conduct of children under age 9:
[a] In most cases, a child who is violating the Conduct in the Library policy will be given one warning. If a child does not modify his/her behavior after one warning, the parent, guardian or responsible child care provider may be asked to remove the child from library premises.
[b] If a child is violating the Conduct in the Library policy and is not attended by a parent, guardian or responsible child care provider, a library staff member will ask the child to modify his/her behavior and will be given one warning. If a child does not modify his/her behavior after one warning, the child will be asked to leave the library premises. An attempt may be made to notify the parent, guardian or responsible child care provider.
[c] If the library is closing and parents have not picked up their child/children, the Washington County Safety Center (319-653-2107) may be called.
[d] The library will assume no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.

[6] Damages: Using library areas, furniture or equipment for other than their designated use
[a] Any theft, vandalism, or the deliberate destruction of library materials, property, or the personal property of other patrons or staff members.
[b] Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging, or destroying any computers, peripherals, computer systems, networks, computer programs or data.
[c] Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under the age of eighteen

[7] Food/Beverages: Eating and drinking, if done responsibly, is allowed throughout the library.
[a] Consuming food or beverages in such a way that could damage the library building, materials or furniture is not permitted
[b] Food and beverages are not permitted at or near library equipment

[8] Restrooms: Using the restroom facilities for bathing or washing clothing

[9] Tobacco/Alcohol: Consuming alcohol or controlled substances, being intoxicated, smoking, or using tobacco products on library premises

Enforcement of these rules may take the form of any of the following actions, depending upon the severity of the misconduct which will be determined by the staff on duty at the time
[1] Patrons who engage in misconduct will be given one warning and asked to behave in an appropriate manner. Patrons who do not modify their behavior after one warning will be asked to leave the library for the rest of the day.

[2] Patrons who engage in misconduct that in the judgment of a staff member is extreme, will be ordered to leave the building immediately. If necessary, the library senior staff member on duty will call the Washington County Sheriff.

[3] Patrons who engage in misconduct in more than one instance will be warned by the staff member on duty that they will not be allowed to enter the building if the behavior continues. If a correction is not made, they may be barred from the library for a period of one week to one year, depending on the nature of the misconduct, the extent of damage or disruption caused by infractions of library policies and other relevant circumstances.

3.06 Proctoring Examinations

The Kalona Public Library does not charge to proctor examinations.  The student is responsible for making arrangements to take the test.  The arrangements include: calling the library to see if the test has arrived, scheduling a time to take the examination, reserving the study room, and reserving any special equipment such as audio, video or lap-top computer that will be needed to take the exam.

The exam should arrive with a postage-paid envelope in which it will be returned, or the student must provide stamps for mailing.  If stamps or envelopes are not provided, the student must reimburse the library for the envelope and postage costs.  The student will be charged the regular fees for any examination that requires computer printing, photocopying, or faxing.

The library will adhere to the test-taking guidelines set forth by the institution.  The  proctor cannot be with the student who is taking the exam, but the librarian will observe the student while performing other tasks and assisting other patrons.  Exams must be completed 15 minutes before the library closes.

Approved: June 9, 2009

3.07 Registered Sex Offenders (against a minor)

[1] The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the library is in compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 692A that excludes registered sex offenders convicted of offenses against minors from public libraries.  Sex offenders convicted of a sex offense against a minor shall not be present upon the real property of the public library and they shall not loiter within three hundred feet of the real property boundary of the public library.  The Code provides an exception to this prohibition if the library administrator provides written permission.

[2] The Library Director will not give written permission for registered sex offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors to be in the library.  This decision can be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees.  The issuance of a library card at any time is NOT permission to enter the library.

[3] Registered sex offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors may be eligible for some library services.  They may receive information via telephone or online.  They may register for a card directly with the Director, or her designee, and make arrangements for a person of their choosing to select, check-out, and return materials using that card.  They may use that card to access the Library's online materials or databases.

[4] Violations of this policy will be immediately reported to law enforcement, and violators will lose all library privileges.  Violators will be subject to prosecution for violation of the Iowa Code.

[5] Attendance at Open Public Meetings: Sex offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors wishing to apply for written permission to attend an open public meeting at the library must submit a written request to the Library Director.

[6] Library as a polling location: State law provides for an exemption for the purpose of voting. Persons prohibited from being on library property will be allowed on library property solely for the period of time reasonably necessary to exercise the right to vote in a public election if the library is named a designated polling location.

[7] Reinstatement: Privileges may be restored to any offender whose name has been removed from the Sex Offender Registry upon written proof of said removal. Proof may include presentation of a copy of the written notice of removal. Removal must be verified by a search of the Sex Offender Registry completed by authorized library personnel. Library personnel will have up to 3 business days to verify said removal from the registry. Upon verification all rights will be reinstated.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees: 12/8/09

Revised and approved: 6/11/18

3.08 Security Camera Policy

The Kalona Public Library strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for its staff and patrons. In pursuit of this objective, selected public areas of the library premises are under video surveillance and recording. Signage will be posted at the library entrance at all times, disclosing this activity.

Video cameras shall not be positioned in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of personal privacy.

Images from the Library security system are stored digitally on hardware in the Library. It is the intent of the Library to retain all recorded images for a minimum of 14 days, or until image capacity of the system is reached. Then, the oldest stored image will be automatically deleted by system software to make room for new images.

When an incident occurs on Library premises:
–Video image recordings will be used to identify the person or persons responsible for Library policy violations, criminal activity, or actions considered disruptive to normal Library operations.
–Video records may be used to assist law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.
Video recordings of incident can be retained and reviewed as long as considered necessary by the Library Director or the Washington County Sheriff.
–Images may be shared with other Library staff to identify person(s) suspended from Library property and to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Board approved: 6/10/14

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