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Emergency Policy

5.0 Emergencies

Emergency Numbers: Off-site services to be called in the event of an emergency

Fire Department, Kalona Fire Department, 911

Medical, First Responders, 911

Sheriff, Sheriff Department, 911

City Administrator, Ryan Schlabaugh, 656-2310

City (emergency only), Karen Christner, office, 656-3272

Circulation/Catalog System, Alexandria (Companion Corp.), 800-347-6439

Electrician, Ace Electric of Washington, 319-863-7777

Library Director, Anne Skaden, 656-3592

Plumbing/Mechanical, S & S Plumbing,  319-642-5259

Security System, Freeman Lock & Alarm, Inc., 800-858-7811

Sprinkler System, Continental Fire Sprinkler Co., 563-388-0600

Utilities, Alliant Energy, 800-255-4268

Emergency Procedures
An emergency kit containing various bandages, a flashlight, and fresh batteries is located behind the circulation desk.

5.01 Medical

In case of a medical emergency call 911.

5.02 Tornado

A tornado WATCH is declared when conditions are favorable for tornadoes but none have been sighted. A tornado WARNING is declared when a tornado has been sighted in the area. The city’s tornado siren will be activated. (The siren sounds like the fire siren, but will sound for a full 3 minutes without stopping.) When the tornado siren sounds:

1. The librarian in charge will notify patrons over the intercom, “A tornado warning is in effect for the Kalona area. This means that a tornado has been sighted.  Please move into the restrooms until the all clear signal is received.”

2. Take the battery radio and flashlight

3. Go to the restrooms and wait for the all clear signal.

5.03 Snow Storm

The director must use her/his best judgment about opening the library after a snow storm.
1. If it is possible to make it in and stores in town are open, then open. 
2. If a storm starts during the day, stay tuned to news reports and close early if the weather advisory recommends people don't drive.  Put the CLOSED sign on front door.
3. The director or librarian in charge should notify the following news stations: KCII: 1380 AM, 106.1 FM (319-653-2113 Washington;; KCRG-TV9 (1-800-332-5443 Cedar Rapids;; and KGAN-TV2 (319-395-9060 Cedar Rapids;

5.04 Fire

Upon discovery of a fire, sound the alarm by pulling the nearest fire alarm (“Push In-Pull Down”). (If the fire is in its early stages, such as a trash can or a small pile of paper, use the nearest extinguisher.)

1. The librarian in charge will make an announcement over the intercom, “This is an emergency. Please use the nearest exit to evacuate the building and make your way to the Rec. Center parking lot for safety.”  
2. If possible, the librarian in charge should try to close the door to the burning area to confine the fire and minimize the spread of smoke.
3. The librarian in charge should make an effort to see that everyone leaves, directing staff and patrons to exit the building as quickly as possible. Gather staff and patrons in the Rec. Center parking lot. Do not return to the building for any reason until approval is given by the Fire Department.

Fire extinguishers are checked every year by the Fire Department, and serviced every three years.

5.05 Building Mechanics

Water Emergency:

1. Sinks: Stop the flow of water by turning off the water valves under the sinks. Use the water valve key stored with “keys.”
2. Toilets: Stop the flow of water by loosening the battery pack with an allyn wrench (found in the tool drawer.) Place an “Out of Order” sign on the stall and give the information to the custodian.

All staff should know the location of all shutoffs, breakers, fire extinguishers, alarms, and exits. (see floor plan)

This policy will be reviewed and discussed annually with the staff.

Approved by the board: May 2000, 
Revised and approved: 09/05; 1/9/07; 11/13/07;11/11/08; 11/13/09; 12/14/10; 10/11/11

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