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Contracting for Library Service

8.0 Policy Regarding Contracting for Library Service with Other Cities

The Kalona Public Library supports the philosophy that library service is best provided locally, that city residents recognize the importance of library service and are willing to pay for it through local taxes, and that tax support should be equitable among those residents paying taxes to provide a local library.  The library recognizes that some cities have not established a public library, that such cities have an obligation to provide library service through contract with an existing library, and that entering into such a contract provides an opportunity to extend the benefits of library service to those who are not otherwise served.

To assure equitable tax support of libraries among residents of Riverside, the residents of other city and county jurisdictions providing library service in the county, and the residents of contracting cities, the Kalona Public Library [will charge] or [affirms the goal of charging] contracting cities the per capita cost of library service to city and rural residents in the county.  The per capita cost will be calculated by aggregating all funding received from city and county tax receipts for library operating budgets within Washington County in the previous fiscal year, and dividing by the aggregated city and rural county population served by libraries in the county according to the last decennial United States Census.  [$25.93 per cap using 04/05 figures]  Contracting cities will be charged the per capita cost multiplied by their population in the last decennial United States Census. [That would be $24,063.04 from Riverside]   The Kalona Public Library [will not contract] or [affirms the goal of not contracting] with cities outside the county at less than the per capita cost in their own or the other library’s county, whichever is higher.

If the Kalona Public Library chooses to renew an existing contract with a city for providing library service to that city’s residents at less than the per capita cost of library service to city and rural residents in the county, the renewal agreement will include a maximum of five successive years until it is equal to the per capita costs in Washington County as calculated above.  The Kalona Public Library will not enter into a new contract with a city for which it did not previously provide library service at less than the per capita cost of library service to city and rural residents in the county.

Approved 3/14/06

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