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Circulation and Computer Policy

approved 10/14/2008



Library cards are issued immediately if you have a photo identification and proof of current residential address at the time of application. A post office box is not a sufficient address.  Mail may be used as proof of address if it has been postmarked within two weeks of the current date.

Persons eligible for library cards must be a resident of Kalona, Riverside  or unincorporated Washington County. Also, persons living within the service area of an Iowa library, approved for reciprocal borrowing through the Open Access Program (check at the Registration Desk for confirmation.)

Children who fit the residence requirements and are at least 5 years old are eligible for a library card according to the discretion of their parents or legal guardian.  Parental signature is required for persons under age 14. Responsibility for a child’s selection and return of materials, and any fines or charges accrued on the child’s card, is held by the parent or guardian of the child.

Older children (age 14 and up) not accompanied by a parent need to have photo identification (like that issued at school or driver’s permit/license) and address verification (mail recently sent to the child is acceptable.) Another way to verify the child’s address is for us to send the library card to the child’s address.  If a parent is not present at the time of application, checkout may be limited to two items until the child receives a physical library card.

Applicants for a temporary library card must provide proof of local residence. If the applicant has no proof of residence, a voucher from the applicant's landlord or other local property owner must be provided.

Persons without a permanent address in the Kalona area are eligible to register to use the computers. A photo i.d., such as a driver’s license, is required. Registration forms are available at the circulation desk.

If a person forgets his or her library card, it is possible to borrow materials once with photo identification. Borrowers must present their library card the next time they borrow materials, or purchase a replacement card.

Lost or stolen cards may be replaced after showing identification. The replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $1.50.

Approved by board 8/10/04 Revised and approved 10/14/08, 5/9/09, 10/12/10, 12/11/12


Circulating books and magazines (except the most recent issue of each magazine title) are loaned for a period of three weeks and may be renewed for another three weeks After an item has been renewed once, it must be checked in and on the shelf for at least 3 days before it is available to the same patron or his or her assignee. There are no renewals for items on hold or reserved for another patron.
Circulating books on tape and CD, music CD’s, and CD-Roms are loaned for a period of two weeks and may be renewed for another two weeks, if the materials are not on reserve.

Circulating videocassette’s and DVDs are loaned for a period of one week and may be renewed for one more week. if the items are not on reserve. Checkouts are limited to 3 videocassettes and 3 DVDs per library card.

The DVD player is loaned for a period of one day and may be renewed for one more day if not on reserve. A $25.00 refundable deposit must be made before checking out the player.

Newspapers, videos, DVDs seasonal materials and children’s puzzles are loaned for a period of one week and may be renewed for one more week.

Items are to be returned by closing time of the due date.

A fine of ten cents (.10) per item (book, magazine, CD-Rom, or audio material) per day will be assessed against any patron not returning materials by the date due. A fine of fifty cents ($.50) per video or DVD per day will be assessed against any patron not returning materials to the library by closing time of the date due. If materials are not returned within one week of the due date, a notice will be sent by mail.  This will be followed by a letter outlining charges for the materials and legal implications of retaining library materials for materials not returned in 30 days from date due.  Fines will accumulate up to the replacement cost of the item(s) or $3.00 plus $1.00 postage/processing fee if returned. The outside book drop or video drop can be used to return materials when the library is closed.

Damaged or lost materials will be the responsibility of the borrower at repair/replacement cost plus $3.00 processing fee.

Persons with unpaid fines of more than $5.00 or overdue materials will not be permitted to check out additional library materials or use the computers.  Materials may continue to be used in the library.

Patrons may request that an item be held for them.  The patron will be notified by phone, e-mail, or postcard when the item is available.  If the item is not claimed within five library days after notification, it will be given to the next patron on the reserve list or returned to general circulation.

Revised and approved 12/11/12

[3] INTERLIBRARY LOAN POLICY (ILL) adopted 3/11/03; revised 6/13/06; 2/11/14

If the Kalona Public Library does not have certain material requested by a patron, the librarians will be glad to request the sought after materials from SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online). If not found on SILO, the materials will be requested from OCLC-First Search.

Limits: Patrons will be limited to 3 items requested at one time. The total amount could go up to 5 items depending on the type of materials and usage intended. For example: a school teacher could request up to 5 items when used for a class unit. When those items are returned by the patron, more items can be requested.  There is no cap on the amount of items a person may request in the course of a fiscal year (July-June).

Circulation Period:  The circulation period is set by the lending library. Renewals are up to the discretion of the lending library. If a renewal is requested by a patron, we will e-mail the lending library and request an extension; then contact the patron with the answer.

Patrons will be contacted up to 2 times when an item is received at the library and contact dates will be noted in the patron record. If the item(s) is not picked up by the patron by the date due, the patron will be charged the full cost of the return postage.

Patron's will be charged $2.00 for each item requested to help defray the cost of return postage.


The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings for videos are guidelines to assist patrons in deciding which movies to watch.  Parents are urged to learn about films they want their children to see by reading reviews and feature articles or speaking with those who have seen or heard of the movie.  Library staff may also provide information on movies in the collection.  The Kalona Public Library cannot deny anyone the right to use sources it offers.

A limit of three video cassettes may be borrowed at one time.  All videocassettes must be rewound and returned to the library by closing time on the date due. A limit of three DVDs may be borrowed at one time. All media may be put in the outside drop box when the library is closed.

Borrowers may not charge any fees in connection with the use of any audiovisual materials.  Videocassettes and DVDs are copyrighted materials and illegal duplication is prohibited by federal law.

Audiovisual materials may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a request must be cancelled, the library will need to be notified.

Updated and approved by board 1/13/04; 10/08; 10/12/10; 10/9/12; 12/11/12


DVD Player (approved 4/2001; revised and approved 9/12/06; 9/11/07; 10/14/08)

The DVD player is available for patron use.  To check it out, the patron must leave a $25.00 refundable deposit and sign a form agreeing to be responsible for it.  Blank forms are in the DVD file.  Check out is via scanning the bar code on player case.  The DVD player is due back the next day.  Player must be returned to library desk (not book drop).  Deposit is returned when it is determined all items are intact.


Board Approved: 11/10/09
Reviewed 11/9/10

The iPod Nano was donated to the library, October 2009, by the Kalona Radio Shack.

The iPod is to be used for audiobooks downloaded from the library's WILBOR site.

Patrons must log in to WILBOR with their library card number to check-out desired materials and should download materials from the site onto their own computers. Materials can then be transferred onto the iPod.

WILBOR is available via the library's website 24/7.


All card holding patrons, who have a valid user agreement on file, may check-out an iPod.

An "iPod User Agreement" must be signed by an adult (18 yrs.+) or parent/guardian for any minor.

Before check-out, the patron must leave a $50.00 cash deposit. This deposit will be returned to the patron when it has been determined that the iPod and kit are intact and in good working order.

The iPod may be placed on reserve, though the date of the receipt is not guaranteed. Reserves will be held for 2 days and then removed if not claimed.

Players will circulate for 1 week (7 days) before accruing a fine of $1 per day past due. Maximum fine will be the replacement cost of the item, as determined by the library staff ($150 for the 8 gig iPod nano).

Prior to return, all material must be deleted so the player is ready for the next user. Failure to clear the iPod will result in a $1.00 fee.

The player must be returned to the circulation desk during the library's open hours in order for the kit to be inspected.

Placing the kit in the drop box is not allowed and will result in a $3.00 fine.

The library reserves the right to bill the patron for replacement costs if some or all components of the kit are damaged or missing.

Patrons may supply their own headphones or may purchase earbud headphones for $3.00 per pair at the library.


iPod Nano Player
USB transfer cord
iPod and audiobook download instructions, library policy & WILBOR information




A.     Purpose: The purpose of public access to the Internet is to further support the community’s informational, learning, cultural, and recreational needs.

1. Responsibility of Users. The Internet is global in scope, with a highly diverse user population and information content. Some information content on the Internet may be offensive to some people and some content may be illegal, dated, or erroneous. Within the restraints set by the Library, it is always the responsibility of the user, therefore, to determine what materials are appropriate and suitable for his or her use.

2. Library Responsibility. The Kalona Public Library will provide the fullest possible access to the World Wide Web, except as limited by this policy. The Internet is an unregulated medium and the Kalona Public Library has no control over any part of the Internet beyond it's own homepages. Because the Library is not able to exercise the same selection criteria to Internet resources that it applies to materials held in its collections, the Library may provide hardware and software mechanisms ("filters") to restrict access to specific sources determined by Library staff to be inconsistent with its mission and collection developement policies. The Kalona Public Library can assume no responsibility for accuracy of any information accessed through the Internet, and cannot control or monitor all information accessed.

B.     General Use: In accordance with other Kalona Public Library policies, use of the Internet is open to all patrons who possess a valid Kalona Public Library card and are in good standing with the library.

1. Patrons must leave their valid Kalona Public Library card at the circulation desk while using the library’s computers.

2. The library may from time to time adopt regulations setting time limits on any of the workstations in order to maximize the efficient and effective use of the Internet and other Library information services. Presently, individual sessions may be limited to 30 minutes and will be enforced when others are waiting to use a computer. Computer use is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes per day.

3. Reservations may be made in advance. Users may reserve one time period per day. Reservations will be held for five minutes after the appointed time. Users may continue working on the Internet for an additional 30 minutes if no one is waiting to use a computer.

4. An Internet User Agreement is available on each patron computer.

a. Internet User Agreement for adults. The form will contain the following language:

(1) I have read the Kalona Public Library Internet Use Policy and agree to abide by the policy.

(2) I understand that the Library is not responsible for the content, accuracy or validity of any information found on the Internet. I understand that some information on the Internet may be controversial, offensive, and/or inappropriate in a library setting. I agree to take responsibility for my use of the Internet and respect the rights of other library users.

(3) I agree to avoid using the Internet for any illegal activity and/or for other activities such as harassment, distribution of unsolicited information, propagation of computer viruses, attempting to make unauthorized entry into other computers; and/or violating copyright laws.

(4) I agree to pay any repair or replacement costs for equipment or software damaged by myself or by minors for whom I am responsible.

(5) I understand that the Library is not responsible for any damage to personal media or software due to system malfunction or for any other reason.

(6) I understand that if I fail to abide by the Kalona Public Library policy and guidelines I may lose my privilege of computer use and Internet access at the Kalona Public Library.

b. Use by Minors

(1) Policy.

a. Parents may be concerned about the access to Internet information by their children. The Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents to supervise their children's use of library resources, in Internet services. The Library will make available to parents upon request such publicans as "Child Safety on the Informational Superhighway" as a guide to children using the Internet.

b. The Library also recognizes that parental control and guidance cannot always be provided with regard to unintended viewing of images displayed in public places; that data collected and analyzed by the Library evidences the potential for considerable and pervasive intended and unintended display of sexually explicit images at Internet terminals in the Kalona Public Library; that the use of the Library Internet terminals without implementation of a filtering policy will carry with it a significant danger of exposure of children to such sexually explicit images. The Library, therefore, has implemented hardware and software mechanisms ("filters") to restrict access to specific sexually explicit images, which hardware and software are designed to minimally intrude upon the rights of persons to exercise their constitutional protected right to disseminate and receive speech.

c. By making use of the Internet services of the Kalona Public Library patrons agree to abide by the provisions of this Internet Use Policy.

(2) Specific Rules for Minors

a. Material is available on the Internet that parents may feel is inappropriate for their children. Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the information accessed by children.

b. Children under the age of 9 may not use library computers unless supervised by a parent or guardian.

c. Children between the ages of 9 and 14 must have a "Parental Permission Form" signed by a parent or guardian on file in order to use the library's internet terminals unsupervised. The form will contain the following agreement:

I grant permission for my child to use the Kalona Public Library's Internet service. I have read the Library's Internet Use Policy and discussed it with my child. Knowing that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable, I accept personal responsibility for the guidance of my child's Internet Use.

I further accept responsibility for and will not hold the City of Kalona and the Kalona Public Library responsible for any damages caused by my child's use of the Internet, whether such damage is to hardware or software, or by virtue of a claim by any party alleged to have been damaged from any material or comment posted by my child on the Internet.

d. Use of computers without internet access is not restricted for children over the age of 9 as long as they can provide a valid library card and are in good standing.

e. First-time Internet users between the ages of 15 and 18 must read and sign the Internet User Agreement, which will be kept on file. First-time users between the ages of 9 and 14 must have a parent or guardian sign a "Parental Permission Form for Internet Use by Minors" (see form), obtained at the circulation desk and kept on file. A parent or guardian must accompany at all times a patron under the age of 9 who wishes to use the computer. On each subsequent use, patrons must sign in at the desk and leave their library card. Sign-in records will be held for 30 days and then destroyed.

C. Assistance. The Library staff, on a day-to-day basis, will help with computers and Internet use as able and reasonable. However, staff members may not be familiar enough with a function to provide any help. Staff members are not available for extensive training except during scheduled training sessions.

D. Unacceptable Use: The Kalona Public Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate the Internet privileges of any individual not practicing responsible use of the Internet.  Unacceptable use includes but is not limited to:

1. Use of the Internet for purposes other than informational, educational, recreational or for viewing, downloading or sending sexually graphic images.

2. Any illegal or unethical use of the Internet, including but not limited to violation of copyright laws, activities such as harassment, distribution of unsolicited information, propagation of computer viruses, or attempting to make unauthorized entry into other computers.

3. Attempting to modify or gain access to restricted files, passwords, or data.

4. Downloading to the library computer hard drive, loading personal software or library-owned circulating CD-ROM software, or saving documents to the hard drive. Downloading may be done only to a flash drive or disc.

5. Damaging or destroying equipment, software, or data belonging to the library. This includes adding, altering, or deleting files or configurations on library workstation hard drives or other library equipment, violating network integrity, using software from outside the library on library-owned equipment, or using a virus-infected disk on a library computer.

6. Disrespecting the privacy of other users.


E. Procedures:

1. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis to users, provided there are no advance reservations for that time slot. Children with permission waivers on file will be given priority for computers in the children’s area between the hours of 3:30 and 6:00 PM. No more than two people may sit at one computer.

2. Users may reserve one time period per day. Reservations will be held for 5 minutes after the appointed time. Users may continue working on the Internet for an additional 30 minutes if no one is waiting to use a computer.

3. In addition to Internet access, the library also provides office software access at seven public workstations. All the computers are loaded with Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works applications and can be used for 30 minutes or 60 minutes if no one is waiting. At the discretion of the librarian in charge, a patron can be placed on the "non-Internet" computer to allow time to work on a writing project.

4. A black and white laser printer is available to make copies for the fee of .25/page.

5. Users may not save files of any type onto the library's computers.


F. Wireless Internet Access:

Kalona Public Library provides free wireless access to anyone.

The wireless internet access we offer is unfiltered. By choosing to use this free service, patrons agree to abide by the library’s Internet Use Policy. This policy states the limitations of internet access, responsibilities for using that access, and provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable use.

The Kalona library’s wireless network is not secure. Information sent to and from your wireless device may be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software.

Library staff are not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection.

The Kalona Public Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the library’s wireless access.

Approved 12/8/2003

Revised and approved: 2/10/2004, 9/13/05; 9/11/07; 10/14/08; 11/9/10; 11/8/11; 10/9/12



In addition to Internet access, the library also provides office software access at six public workstations. All the computers are loaded with Microsoft Office applications and can be used for 30 minutes (60 minutes if no one else is waiting.) A black and white laser printer is available to make copies for the fee of .25/page.

Patrons may not save files of any type onto the library’s computers.




1. Each user must report to the circulation desk and leave his/her library card and valid ID with the staff.  Acceptable forms of ID are: driver’s license, state issued identification card, or student identification card.  Library card and ID will be returned when the laptop and its components are returned and equipment is judged to be in good condition.

2. Users must be in good standing, with no outstanding long-overdue materials or excessive fines on their account.

3. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible guardian that has a library account in good standing.  Users between the ages of 14 and 17 must have on file with the library a Laptop Parental Consent form with the signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to use a laptop.  A signature on this consent form acknowledges that the parent or guardian has read the form and the KPL Laptop Use Policy, and understands the position of the library.  The consenting legal guardian agrees to take full financial responsibility for the laptop and its components.

4. Users over the age of 18 must sign a Laptop Policy Agreement form prior to checking out a laptop for the first time.  No laptop will be checked out to a patron until this form has been signed.

5. No more than two people may use the same laptop at any one time.  Both users must sign a Laptop Policy Agreement or have legal guardians sign the Laptop Parental Consent form.  This does not apply to users under the age of 14 with a guardian.

6. No computer software or equipment may leave the building.  The laptops may only be used in the adult area of the library.  An exception to this rule is a legal guardian with a young child who would like to use the laptop in the Children’s Room of the library.

7. Under no circumstances should a laptop computer be left unattended in the library.  This is the sole responsibility of the patron who has checked out the laptop.

8. No saving to the hard drive of any library laptop.  The laptops do not have a floppy disk drive and it is the responsibility of the user to bring a data storage device compatible with the computers.

9. Laptops may be reserved up to one day in advance.  A time limit of one hour may be enforced if there are others waiting to use the laptop.

10. The laptops are unable to connect to the library’s printers.  Printing can only be done at one of the PC stations.  The Kalona Public Library takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to patrons’ data or media due to hardware, software, electrical surge or failure, or any other cause while the patron is using library computer equipment.

11. No start up disks or software from outside the library is permitted.

12. The staff will assist with basic computer usage questions, but are not available on a regular basis for extensive training of users.  Users are expected to have working knowledge of the computers and programs.  Manuals are available for assistance with specific hardware or software questions.

13. The Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate computer use privileges of any patron who is misusing or abusing library equipment or not acting in accordance to library policy.  See Unacceptable Use of Laptops (below), for more information.

14. The laptops cannot be used in an area where food or drink is permitted.

15. The user of a laptop agrees to abide by the library’s Internet Use Policy.

Lost and/or damaged laptops and components

1. Lost or damaged material fees for laptops will be based on a reasonable assessment of the cost of replacement or repair of the laptop.

2. The patron to whom the laptop is checked out will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs before it is returned to library staff.  The patron will be liable for an amount up to the full replacement cost ($500) if the laptop is damaged or stolen.

3. If the cost of repairs for a laptop exceeds the cost of replacement, the lower of the two fees will be charged.

4. Patrons with lost or damaged laptops or laptop components will be invoiced one (1) month from the date the loss or damage is determined, and re-invoiced quarterly until payment has been made.

5. Invoices for lost or damaged laptops or laptop components that are not paid after a year of quarterly invoicing will be turned over to the City Attorney so legal steps may be taken to assure the return of or payment for library property, unless the invoiced fee is less than $50.

6. The library privileges (checking out materials and using computers) of patrons with outstanding invoices will be suspended until materials have been returned or payment has been made in full.  In special circumstances, the Library Director will set up payment plans under which library privileges will be restored as long as the payments agreed upon are being met.

Storage of laptops and laptop components

1. The library’s laptops will be stored in the staff work area.

2. The laptop’s components consist of the software that has been downloaded onto the machine and the laptop’s hardware.  The library has headphones available for use, and they must be used if speakers are on.

3. The laptops will be barcoded, and will be checked out under a patron’s account for a maximum of one day.  A time limit of one hour may be enforced if there are others waiting to use the laptop. The laptop must be returned to a library staff member thirty (30) minutes prior to the close of the library.

4. The library cannot guarantee that a wireless connection will be made between the library’s wireless router and the laptop.  The laptop batteries hold a charge of two (2) hours, but the library cannot guarantee that the laptop loaned out will be useable for that full amount of time.  It is the user’s responsibility to save data in the case of battery failure.

Unacceptable use of laptops

1. Unacceptable use of laptops includes, but is not limited to the following:

·  Leaving a laptop unattended in the library at any time

·   Allowing more than two users to be on the same laptop at one time or allowing users who have not signed a Laptop Policy Agreement

·  Taking a laptop out of the library building or into a restricted area of the library (e.g. library restrooms)

·  Saving to the hard drive

.   Installing software from outside the library onto the laptop

·   Using a laptop near food or drink

·   Not following the library’s Internet Use Policy

·   Handling a laptop in a manner that can lead to damage of equipment (e.g. dropping the laptop onto a hard surface, pushing on the plasma screen of a laptop, downloading potentially hazardous files)

2. The library reserves the right to update and change this policy at any time without notice.  It is the responsibility of the user to read and accept the current version of the policy.  Violation of the Laptop Loan Policy may result in the following consequences:

a. First offense – Termination of session and loss of laptop privileges for one day.
b. Second offense – Denial of laptop privileges for one month.
c. Third offense – Potential denial of all laptop privileges, contingent upon approval of Library Director.

Approved: 11/9/10

Revised and approved: 12/13/11

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.